An Ad Challenge

   In posting an ad on my Facebook business page, I realize I had a real challenge. I know that it is not just choosing the right image, and having it appeal to the right audience, but also in composing the text. Yes, I knew what I wanted to write, and the audience to whom it would appeal, but the challenge was creating the text as an ad. 

Here is the image: 

Kept In Place

Kept In Place

Here is the original text: 
   The giving up of one's hopes and dreams for the love of another creates devaluation of self. . . Which one in the image is giving up, and is that one male or female?

   Okay, that is not really an ad. It may strike a cord, and open up a discussion, but would it sell the image? 

Here is the text I went with: 
   Fine art for the fine and refined heart.

   Do you think this text would get the results I am looking for, or would it just start a discussion about a fine and refined heart?

   Please leave a commit below; hopefully, we can all benefit from it: