A Positive, Could It be ?

   I could not just leave the image of the last post; there is more to explore. How open are we to read the messages from the inanimate?

Kept In Placed

Kept In Placed

   This image could be seen as an illustration of aggression, with the two prongs resembling fangs, grasping the lower part of the main subject. In this it could perhaps more appropriately resemble an attack; where the victim is being held down, not able to flee.

   With a passive interpretation, one could focus on a loss of freedom, where after a long fight, has resulted in defeat. Like that of the fly held in the spider’s web, after a long struggle being entangled, exhausted, submits to be taken.

   It seems that what happens with insects in their world, animals in their kingdom, and in the lives of humans, can be seen in the inanimate as well.

   With this or with the first interpretation, was there a point in your life that this image depicts?  If so, were you the aggressor or the submitter? Where you the active agent or the passive . . . and is it still being played out? If it is still being played out, how could that be a positive?

   However, there is another interpretation, and it is a positive. When one gives up what one’s wants for the sake of a cause; the cause is what holds and binds. Even with the difficulty and hardship, surrounding that cause, one submits, and one’s submission is with dignity and honor __ depicted with a bowed head in the main subject. With this, the message is: for the greater good, “I stand firm, I hear, and I obey”.

   Is there a cause that you take up, that holds and binds you? If so, and the cause is wholesome, constructive and right, then your conviction is a positive, honorable, and your position of being held down is too.

   If you see other interpretations that can be of benefit, please leave a commit below.