Time Cycle

   Self discovery has cycles, and there are many of them throughout one’s life. Time will pass before reaching self awareness, as one cycle moves from and develops into another. The you of your past is not the you of today, and the you of today will not be the you of tomorrow. It will move on until it realizes its true nature.

   Likewise, art that connects with the self also has a cycle of its own. One’s taste in art changes and grows as the self changes and matures. A piece of art that connected and was appealing at one time may not connect and be appealing now.     

   The symbolism in my art may not be understood, and that maybe because of the cycle the viewer is in. Upon a deeper examination of the connections between objects one can begin to grow into a better appreciation. 


Seed Pod Time Cycle

Seed Pod Time Cycle

   The symbolism of the seed completing its cycles in the pod is that of the self completing its cycle in the body. The pod was its home, a temporary place to dwell, as the body a temporary home for the self. Over time the pod has given the seed what was needed, as the body has given what was needed for the self.

   The seed has now been released from its housing, as the self one day will be released from its body. Laying there bare, exposed, and helpless, come the realization of the true nature of one’s self.  

   Where are you in the cycle of self discovery, and has your connection with the arts brought you to a better understand of yourself? Leave a commit; perhaps we can benefit from your time cycle self-observations.