Protecting and Being Protected

     Each of us have deep within ourselves the need to protect, as well as the need to be protected. It is as natural to us as the need to love and be loved. The husband protects his wife. The Mother protects her new born children. The oldest child protects his or her younger siblings. We do not acquire this through experimentation or trial and error; it is innate. It is part of a universal design. 

Placed Over

Placed Over

   It is very subtle and yet very real that men are protected by their women, as in protecting their honor, submitting to their leadership and being grateful for their sacrifices. By this the returns to the women are great: loyalty, appreciation and yes, protection. It is the thing that makes the unions strong. 

   Knowing you are protected, you can count on him/her, they got your back, and you got theirs brings comfort and builds security. Take it away and one feels inadequate and incomplete as a man, woman, the "big brother". Any woman who has abandoned her child, any man who's child has been taken from him, and any big brother who has let his sables down, will never forgive him or herself for not performing the role of protector; regardless of the reasons.

   The image of this post, entitled “Placed Over”, explores this concept of protection. The upper utensil is symbolic for protecting the lower one, by which the lower is covered, sheltered and comforted. A woman said to me, after viewing this image at one of my solo shows, that it reminded her of a mother sheltering her child. My thought was that she transcended to the symbolic message; which is the aim of my work. I said to her, “It is interesting that the utensil you identify as mother is a fork, and the child a spoon”.

   When we meet a person who seems happy, balanced and well adjusted, know that that person is protected, and if they are not too young, are proud that they have someone under their protection.

   Do you think these traits are inter-connected, that is, when you find one you find the other? Or do you think that if one is protected and does not take on the role to protect, that he or she has filled their role of being human? Does the expression “You are your brother’s keeper” apply here, and does it apply both way’s? Leave a commit, and let me know your thoughts.