Response to the Intimate Messaging Cards

Intimate Messaging Cards

Intimate Messaging Cards

   In a previous newsletter I introduced my Intimate Messaging Cards; I did not write a blog about them. I first wanted to get them out into the world, see how they are received, and then blog.

   Well, one on one, or by face to face encounters, it has been very positive, and even with them being three cards per package, most want more than just one pack. All in all, people are taken by them. The clean black and white images strakes a nice cord with the viewers. At first glance there is a nice appeal, and I am pleased with their reaction. The notice on the back of each package is my suggestion as to how to use them, and the general refrain after seeing the images and reading the notice is: “These are different. I have not seen anything like them before. I want to give one to my . . .”

   My success with the cards is slow but they are selling __ Praise Allah. I have them now in two shops, and in one the gift shop of a gallery here in Philadelphia, with other leads to pursue here and in other cities. With my work schedule, finding time to visit the many shops, send out notices, contact the owners, schedule appointments and meet with them does take time, of which I have so little. Still, this is what I have to do, and I am pleased and fortunate to be able to do it.

Intimate Messaging Cards

Intimate Messaging Cards

   I can not write the blog without admitting that I have had many rejections too. Some shop owners choose not to respond at all, and other send a nice rejection note thanking me for my interest to include my cards in their gift shops. Here I want to share just one, and my response to it:

   Hi Mujahid,

Thank you for finding the shop and getting in touch.  The line is so clean and minimal, I can imagine it in a high end gallery.  The artwork is intriguing, but I’m not sure if I understand the significance of the text on the cards.  The real estate in my shop is limited, so I’m needing to find lines that are speaking directly to occasions (birthday, wedding, new baby), since the nature of my shop is gift shop.  I’d love to see your work in a gallery setting, or a design concept shop.

   Hello to you.

   Thank you so much for responding. 

   The text on each card is the name of the image, as Bliss is not the name of the card but the title of the image. A fine art gallery normally do not sell cards __ it is hard enough to get one's large framed art work in them as it is, much less cards. 

   I do understand your position. As an owner of a gift shop you know what the customer is looking for, the price points and what they will buy. I am an artist, and my role is to create in the hearts and minds of the viewer the need to want to own my art. I have created this concept that is a bit different from the greeting card industry: Intimate Messaging Cards. To own the card is to own a piece of art. Now once owned, give it to a love one with an intimate message inside for him or her. 

   On the back in each pack is a separate slip of paper that reads: 

Intimate Messaging Cards

   Open a card and write a special note, and then slip it into the pocket of a dear friend. Write another, and place it next to the dinner plate. Write another and lay it on the pillow of your spouse. Use your creativity, and surprise them; the returns will be great. However, do not use the mail; these cards are too personal for that.

   Does not one have to create in a product that which brings out what is in their hearts of the customer, a message that is not found in the traditional greeting cards? This is what my cards do. I need a shop owner who can believe in this idea, and believe that this is what the consumer is looking for, but has not found it. You can offer it to them, and by doing so open up their hearts and the hearts of their love ones.   

   Well, what do you think? Is there a need, in this plastic throw-a-way society, for a keep sake card with your personal message on it as a reminder of your intimate thoughts?