Reflecting on Your Walls

   As you change your jewelry based on the garments you wear, the look you want to express, and the mood you are in, likewise you can change the look, the feel and the mood of the spaces you spend time in. This is done by changing the artwork on the walls. If you were to cover yourself with all the jewelry that you like as you cover your walls with all the art work that you like, it would be difficult to find in this arrangement one single mood of self-expression. When you accent your dress with an adornment that enhances the garment, it is far more appealing and expressive than to over adorn. Likewise the walls in your home can be over decorated and give the feel of clutter. Your interior project who you are, and set the atmosphere for those who enter and those dwellers of that space.

    Have you noticed the beautiful rooms in magazines of interior design, home decor and the like? The art work on the walls accent the rooms and bring out the charm of these spaces. Whether they are rooms in homes, offices or lounges, the artwork expresses the mood and comfort of those who spend time in them. My photographs are intended with this in mind; creating that mood in the mind toward meditative thoughts.

   Begin with empty walls or clear them, then discover the feeling and mood you want to convey. Look at your inventory of images and then start hanging those that express that mood. Then stop. Do not add on __ and with my work __ keep it elegant, peaceful and simple. When you are in a new mood or you want to create a different atmosphere, or there is a change in the season, clear the walls again, then hang the photos to match the new mood, the new feeling, the new season. Do not make your walls of art like wall paper. Keep the atmosphere anew and fresh, and not stale and stagnant.

   This concept can also apply to new homeowners, movers into new apartments and those who are relocating. Also this approach can apply to restaurants, bed and breakfast and even upscale barbershops and salons.

Tree Reflection  

Tree Reflection 

   By changing the photographs on your walls you change the atmosphere of the spaces of which you spend time. This is an image capturing the winter season, and the reflection that comes with that season. The bare tree in silhouette adds to the mood, and creates an even deeper feeling for reflection. The change going on outside our home, and the reflection they create, can also be brought inside to keep us in tune.

   Tell us about the atmosphere that you create in your home, and what do you do __ if anything __ to change it to keep it afresh.