In our daily lives there are distractions that grab our attention, and make demands of which we have to attend, where our minds are over active and become reactive to the stimuli. For those who can quiet down their minds and set aside the inner noise for a while, there is a stillness of which one can observe and from which benefit can be derived. 

   Welcome to "Elements of Still"; my name is Mujahid. My hope is that your visit to my world of the Still Life will be meaningful and insightful in exploring the elements that make up this world. My images, as a fine art black and white photographer, is a minimalist approach to displaying the small objects that are all around us, that can, with well formed composition and style, play a role in quieting down the mind and offering it rest.

   Working as an analog (film) photographer, I do figurative studies of the inanimate. I take my subjects out of their natural environment and place them in a created setting where they become symbolic for the human condition. Unfortunately by working in film, and by having to scan them to place them on the site, causes some lost in the quality of the images. I am hoping that the viewer understands this, and that the value of my photography is not reduced because of it.

   As stated, minimalism is my approach to still life where the focus is on one message. I believe that a simple composition that is suitable for my subjects, with just the bare essentials does more to invoke thoughts and emotions in the minds and hearts of my collectors than a scene with mixed messages.

   My photography is not for everyone, and my collectors are those who appreciate my voice, and get my message. I have had solo and group gallery shows in the States as well as in Sweden. My images have won awards, and I am hopeful __ Allah willing __ to continue working in still life.

  Scroll down and view examples of my work displayed in homes. Take a look, and consider how they would fit in your home or that special place. These images are ready for sale, and their prices are in the SHOP section in the MENU. Some of them are in mats of around 12" X 24", others are much larger.

I have reduced some of my images to cards. If you signup for my newsletter, I would be happy to send you one of my Intimate Messaging Cards as a thank you gift. Go to the CONTACT section in the MENU and Just type in your name and street address, and I will send it off to you __ if Allah wills.

   In making any purchase on the site, I am ready to ship your order off to you. Enjoy, and consider. 

Best In Show
Avalon, New Jersey 2019

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