Star Leaf.jpg

   Most still life work of contemporary painters and photographers is commercial. It is to advertize products to be sold, and it of course has its place. Fine art still life has a different aim, and each artist has his own, and his approach to fulfill it.

   My still life work is a bit in opposition to materialism, where the love for a treasured item in one’s past can have more value to oneself then the newest model on the market. My work explores the concept that happiness is not always in having an abundance of things but rather in cherishing the things that has given oneself so much joy, and that they can continue to bring that joy; if one is not always swayed by the new. Sometimes even a small item or two arrests the heart and calms the mind.  

   My work explores the mundane, gives it value, and creates in the heart an inner calmness and in the mind quiet thoughts. It is like pointing out a passage in a book, or one line in a poem that opens your heart and changes your life's path. How difficult would it be to find that one line in rows and rows of books, and how much time would have to pass before you found it . . . if at all? If my work could point it out to you and open your mind and heart, would you cherish it, and by that make it a part of your life?