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Photography is a wonderful medium as an art form. Because of my focus on enhancing the mood for serenity, reflection and contemplation, I prefer to work in black and white rather than color. The objective with this style and technique, as fine art, is to slow down the viewer’s state of mind, and make him or her really see the subtleties in the things in life that are often overlooked.

   With this objective, I try firstly to center on one theme rather than many in a single photograph; to isolate the subject from the distractions of mixed messages. Secondly, by placing the subject in the mist of space and developing a composition that draws the viewers’ attention, he or she comes closer to the objective; clutter is a sure distraction, and an off balanced composition is a turn off.

   Thirdly, the objective is not complete without an emotional attachment. Therefore I often choose defused lighting which brings out subtle ranges in tones for which black & white photography is known; working with light grays in highlights, or low tones in shadows is what draws on the emotions and keeps the viewer returning to the image again and again.

   My subjects are floral and still life, and although I am available for commissions, I do not photograph people or animals.