I work with film, in the traditional way, where the printing process is in the darkroom, and all the printing is done, one by one by me. These are not digital prints or reproductions.

   Both the papers and the mats are archival. Mats are titled, numbered, signed on the front, and the print is titled, addition numbered, and signed in pencil on the back. The mats are black, but one can order them in white; please email me with that request: .  The collector gets a Certificate of Authenticity signed by me, which also includes the title of the piece purchased and the addition number. All of my photos are copyrighted, and are in editions of twenty five [25]

   Regarding themes, Placement, Grounded, and Cradled:
Image size about 4" x 14"
Mat size about 11 ¾” X 23 ½”  to 12" X 24"
Price for this size $400.00

Regarding theme, Bonded:

Image size about 5" x 13"
Mat size about 16" X 20"
Price for this size $400.00

   My prices do not increase as the edition numbers sale out. However, I do maintain the right to increase the prices in the future, and the collector will be informed in advance. Go to the SHOP page to select and purchase your images.

Regarding, Intimate Messaging Cards: 
The card is about 3 3/4” x 4”
Three non-assorted cards per pack, with no envelopes. 
The retail price for one pack is: $07.00
The whole retail price for at least 10 packs is: $35.00

   Other than the Intimate Messaging Cards, one can return the image within ten days [10] upon the shipping date; no questions asked. The purchaser will be sent an email when the package is sent, so please make a note of it. 

   The cost of the returns is on the purchaser (you), not the seller(me). The image must be returned in the same condition it was shipped in __ unless there are damages __ in the same packaging. The Certificate of Authenticity is also to be returned along with the image. 

   The cost of the sale will be returned to the purchaser. Please allow a few business days after the returns are received and are inspected. 

   The information of the purchaser will not be shared with anyone. It is only collected to complete the sale, and the shipping.

   Lastly, there is a flat shipping rate of forty dollars [$45.00] inside the United States. Those who want their package to be sent to an address outside of the U. S. please contact me by my email address:

   Thank you. Mujahid 'Abdul-Ba'eth